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Create an industrial Internet platform for the cement industry with technologies such as RFID

News posted on: 2019/11/13 2:02:07 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Create an industrial Internet platform for the cement industry with technologies such as RFID

Create an industrial Internet platform for the cement industry with technologies such as RFID

The cement industry is a high-input, high-energy, high-pollution industry. The ratio of coal and electricity costs to cement production costs is as high as 60%, and is subject to continuous production processes, seasonal product demand, macroeconomic conditions, and government policy guidance. Influenced by other factors, the cement industry has the following pain points: First, the production capacity is severely overcapacity. In recent years, the demand for cement has continued to decline. At the same time, the state has adopted a policy of restricting new capacity and eliminating backward production capacity for the cement industry. The cement industry is facing a dilemma of oversupply. Second, the environmental protection pressure is huge. The government pays more and more attention to environmental protection issues, so that the environmental protection costs of cement manufacturers in production are increasing. Once the investment is reduced, it may face the punishment of stopping production and transformation. Third, the labor cost is rising, and it is urgent to reduce the use of labor.

Solution and deployment method

In response to these pain points in the cement industry, Tianrui Cement Group Co., Ltd. has developed a comprehensive solution for the Tianxin Industrial Internet Platform of the cement industry based on the UF Smart Industrial Internet Platform. The solution adopts a hybrid architecture of public cloud and private cloud, which aims to open up internal data flow, business flow and capital flow, help enterprises realize intelligent production and business model innovation, and open communication between enterprises to achieve cross-enterprise and cross-regional Agglomeration of resources and capabilities to create a more efficient collaborative design, collaborative manufacturing, and collaborative service system.

The deployment of the program includes the following aspects:

First, the equipment is connected. UFIDA has built an IoT platform that adapts to common communication protocols in the industrial field, multi-brand CNC systems and PLC controllers, and deploys edge calculations on raw material mills, coal mills, decomposition furnaces, grate coolers, cement mills and other equipment. The device realizes real-time collection, cleaning, standardization conversion, storage and production instruction of device data by means of bar code, RFID and various network connection technologies.

The second is intelligent monitoring, relying on the collected data, by constructing analytical models, actively discovering or inferring abnormalities in production equipment, process, material quality, etc., and feedback this information to the monitoring system to help the monitoring personnel make timely decisions.

The third is big data analysis, uploading the warehouse operation data of each factory to the enterprise big data platform, screening, summarizing, extracting, cleaning, mining and analyzing the data, completing the optimization of the process flow and energy use in the enterprise production, and achieving The whole process coordination, management, coordination and decision-making of upstream and downstream suppliers.

The fourth is intelligent logistics. Through vehicle identification, infrared positioning, video surveillance, and ground-sensing coils, the company realizes the delivery of sales materials, the purchase of materials, the self-service of drivers, and unattended operation, which greatly improves the logistics speed of the factory. , reducing logistics costs.

The fifth is transaction services. The platform realizes global sourcing, socialization, efficient collaboration, transparency, and intelligence through the connection between enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and suppliers, enterprises and customers, enterprises and consumers, and enterprises and social service organizations. Management and trading.

Application effect and value

Through the construction of the entire platform, the team's work efficiency has increased by more than 40% in terms of management; in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, the annual savings of 64,400 tons of standard coal, the emission reduction of CO2 is about 161,000 tons, SO2 is about 1,060 tons, and dust is 1.61. In terms of logistics control, each factory has an average reduction of 15 people, an annual cost savings of about 700,000 yuan, and a loss of wrong goods of about 500,000 yuan. According to estimates by 20 factories, Tianrui Group reduces losses every year. 20 million yuan; in terms of equipment control, the temperature of the decomposition furnace outlet is not more than 5 degrees, reducing the labor intensity of the operator and the system energy consumption, the expected economic benefits reach 2% to 5%.

Overall, this program is the application of the smart industry Internet platform in specific industries, solving the common pain points of the cement industry, and the implementation threshold of the program is low, with strong promotion and operability. Its innovation and advancement lies in three aspects: First, the comprehensive collection of cement production data, the program to collect data on a variety of equipment, covering multiple aspects of cement production, can achieve monitoring of cement production from many aspects And optimization; second, big data optimization of process and energy consumption, so that product quality improvement while achieving energy saving and emission reduction; third, upstream and downstream industry chain synergy, UF based on ERP and other software advantages, on the program platform to achieve inter-enterprise Collaboration improves the efficiency of business operations.

UFIDA based on the smart Internet platform, combined with the characteristics and needs of the cement industry, targeted transformation, developed a series of industrial applications for customers, and deployed the platform on the hybrid cloud to achieve the cement industry can


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