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Hangzhou uses RFID technology to solve the problem of hotel cleaning supervision

News posted on: 2021/3/26 10:43:45 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Hangzhou uses RFID technology to solve the problem of hotel cleaning supervision

Hangzhou uses RFID technology to solve the problem of hotel cleaning supervision

On Japan, the Xiacheng District Health and Health Bureau of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province innovated the "Transparent Cleaning Intelligent Supervision System", which aims to solve the hygiene supervision problems of hotels and hotels, such as "whether cleaning cloths are wiped to the end" and "whether guest items are not washed or replaced".

It is reported that the system is equipped with three modules: intelligent monitoring of cups and decontamination rooms, RFID (radio frequency identification) cotton fabric circulation and traceability, and sanitary ware cleaning and disinfection intelligent management. It has been in trial operation for about 3 months. There are 12 hotels and 2 in the district. Pilot installations in the guest rooms of chain hotels have monitored the cleaning process of 66 disinfection rooms and 120 guest rooms with sanitary ware online, and tracked 2500 pieces of cotton fabrics.

On March 2, the reporter visited a pilot hotel of the "Transparent Cleaning Intelligent Supervision System". In the hotel rooms, from sheets to pillowcases, each piece of cotton has an "identity card", that is, an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag with a different number. In the cleaning and handover site of the hotel’s delivery of cotton fabrics, RFID card readers are also installed to record the time when each cotton product is sent and returned.

"During the second round of ward rounds, we will scan with a handheld RFID card reader to read the cleaning information and all cotton replacement information in the room at one time. Once the cotton fabrics in the room have not been replaced during the scanning process, the backstage will If an early warning is issued, we will rectify it immediately after receiving the warning," said the manager of the pilot hotel.

The RFID technology of cotton fabrics has also been applied to the cleaning of guest rooms. The reporter saw in another hotel that the cleaning staff was wearing a "hand ring" to wipe the wash basin.

It is understood that the "band" is an RFID card reader. It is affixed with a pair of matching RFID tags with the special cleaning cloth, that is, the special cleaning cloth for the basin and the label for the basin, and the special cleaning cloth for the toilet and the toilet label are matched in pairs. Once the special cleaning rag is used in the wrong place, the "band" worn by the cleaning staff will sound an alarm, and the "band" will record the wrong operation and report it to the supervision platform.

In addition, in the hotel’s cup decontamination room, there are also cameras that record and identify the decontamination operations of employees in the decontamination room, and a smart socket connected to the disinfection cabinet in the cup decontamination room, through intelligent analysis of the two data , Can comprehensively determine whether the cleaning and disinfection of the cups in the decontamination room meet the standards, and then form a daily cup decontamination report.

Huang Wei, head of the Environmental Sanitation Supervision Section of the Xiacheng District Sanitation Supervision Institute, said, “If the cleaning and disinfection of the cups fails to meet the standards, the system will send early warning information to the hotel management, sanitation supervision and other departments. Once the situation does not improve, there is no special explanation. Law enforcement officers will come to check."

It is reported that in order to make consumers live at ease, there is a QR code in the room, and consumers can scan the code at any time to check the cleaning process and information of the room such as cotton product replacement and delivery.

According to the staff of the Health Office in Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, before the arrival of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the district will further promote the "transparent cleaning intelligent supervision system".


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