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Using Blockchain for Food Traceability

News posted on: 2019/5/20 5:41:47 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Using Blockchain for Food Traceability

Using Blockchain for Food Traceability

As far as the current food market is concerned, people have low confidence in issues such as the origin of products, pesticide residues, and food quality and safety. From the production end, the integrity value of production and suppliers cannot be reflected. Consumers cannot see the quality and quality of production and suppliers in a quantitative way.

“Traceability + blockchain” is a combination of traceability technology and blockchain, which enables the chaining of information, such as production, transportation, and transaction of agricultural products, to realize full process traceability. Each piece of information is unique, and each subject is attached. So it is easy for digital signatures and time stamps for consumer inquiry and verification.

What is the advantage of the combination of blockchain and traceability technology? It allows consumers to understand the product's full process information and ensure the authenticity of the information on the chain.

Food Safe

The specific traceability technologies for the first trace of the production process can be divided into three categories: traceability by product, traceability by lot, and traceability by one product. For product traceability, the product code corresponding to the SKU needs to be added to the packaging, the traceback by batch is to scan the code, select the production lot number, and further obtain the batch information; in the one-for-one yard, this technology adds the content of product batches. Providing different traceability methods can effectively reduce the time spent in the traceability process and improve the information collection efficiency.

In the circulation of products, the retrospective quantitative vouchers are provided, which means that according to the quantity of products in the previous stage, the product is provided with vouchers. If the product is fraudulent at a certain stage, some fake or defective products will be provided, and the authentic product will not be vouchers and will not be circulated.

In the sales of agricultural products, the first-track science and technology will also adopt the model of the mall + blockchain, through the establishment of cooperation with the government of Shandong Liaocheng City, launched the agricultural product mall. The next step is to build an online mall that combines blockchain technology. Let the C-end user perceive the value of blockchain tracing in the life scene.

At present, the development of the alliance chain is underway at the beginning, with more than 50 medium and large-scale production enterprises in the chain, and more than 1,400 small-scale production entities such as cooperatives.

Wei Lei, founder of the company, said that one of the systems has established an incentive scoring system, and that corporate data can be accumulated on the chain to accumulate credit scores and improve competitiveness. Second, many farmers who breed are young generations. They are happy to consult their own products to achieve transparent information flow, increase consumer trust, and increase purchasing power.

Even if the traceability + blockchain scenario fits well, there are still many problems. Due to the need to maintain complete transmission of information, each enterprise in the entire process must be chained. How to make more companies join the ecosystem and reduce the threshold for data collection and chaining is crucial.

However, for the moment, domestic technologies still cannot achieve automatic Internet of Things acquisition. They are just extensively planted or partially scaled, or are only partially smart farms with large-scale IOT technology. The labor-consuming issues such as information input still need to be solved.

Another problem that exists is that the blockchain can guarantee the authenticity of the chain, but how to ensure the quality of the products before the chain. Wei Lei said, “Before the chain, the data is not isolated. It is a system ecology that has a multi-role structure. All nodes in the chain establish connections. The interconnected data can be multi-dimensioned. Reduce data falsification. Second, The system will subject the responsible entity to downgrade, downgrade, and even account closure.

However, there is no doubt that even if there is strict management, there are still frauds that can be evaded, but it cannot be guaranteed 100%


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