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Waste Bin Tag
NFC Waste bin tracking management tag
NFC Waste bin tracking management tag
  • NFC Waste bin tracking management tag

  • RFID Asset office security tracking management

  • Waste management,Residential,commercial and industrial bin tracking

  • HF hard rounded tag backside adhesive unique ID 

  • ISO14443A NDEF protocol with URL pre-programed 

  • Out Door water-proof, anti-compressive, anti-alkali wash

  • Asset positioning tracking and management 

  • Near Field Reading Range Security Access

  • NFC Waste bin tracking management tag

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Tag Size: D30mm x 15mm

  • Chip: HF/UHF chip

  • Frequency : 13.0MHz-14.5 MHz/840-960MHz

  • Protocol: ISO 14443A 

  • International Standard: NDEF 

  • Major Material: Copper Wire + Stripe Module

  • Substrate: ABS & Copper Wire

  • Product Feature : Screw fixing, Waterproof, UV/IR Rays block components are build in,  IP level 65

Waste bin tracking managerment tag
Product Features
  • Easily integrated C Standard sizing for easy installation or retrofit

  • Tamper resistant C Custom spanner screw drive to deter fraudulent removal

  • Broad compatibility C A choice of frequencies and memory capacities address common global installations and protocols

  • Reliable, consistent performance C No line-of-sight required, supports almost major RFID frequencies and standard


  • NFC Waste bin tracking management tag used for communities, schools, parks, etc.

  • Check if the waste bin location is moved

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