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Temperature Sensor Tag
Dual-frequency RFID Temperature Sensor Tag
RFID Dual-frequency Temperature Sensor Tag
  • High Accuracy temperature sensoring  0.1 degree

  • More than 20,000 offline reading & data storage

  • Paper Battery assistant will last in one year

  • Suitable for non-metallic & metallic application

  • HF interface ISO14443 or ISO15693 protocol selection

  • UHF interface ISO18000-6CEPC C1G2protocol

  • Temperature Logging interval is customized & flexible

  • Friendly Graphic GUI interface temperature vs date time

  • RFID Dual-Frequency Temperature Sensor Tag

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Gen2v2 RFID tags with integrated TEMP sensor

  • Cloud based solution for cold chain, medicine logistics and other related applications

  • Chip : FM13DT160

  • Working frequency : 13.56MHz,840-960MHz

  • Chip Memory : 160Kbits

  • Product Size: 86*54mm, support customized OEM ODM

  • Sensitivity : -24dbm/UHF

  • Chip Retention : 100,000 cycles

  • Material: PET based, Paper Based or FPC or customized

  • Temperature logging and sensor range from -35C to +50C

  • Typical Accuracy  of 0.1C (Specific Calibration)

  • Regular Accuracy of 0.5C (Wafer die based Calibration)

  • Cloud Based temperature saving & logging service with no limited of temperature counts

  • Gen2v2 UHF RFID user-friendly interface to authenticate the product and to retrieve the EEPROM stored data

  • Configurable periodic interval between measurements from cloud app or mobility app

  • Configurable Minimum and Maximum thresholds used for temperature comparison before storing into cloud or local device

  • Fast access through QR Code to Minimum and Maximum logged temperatures with timestamp without the need to read / inspect the items in place.

Value Added Features from RFID Temperature Sensor Tag
  • Temperature Sensor Tag digitizes sensed temperature information which can be read by a standard UHF RFID Gen 2 compliant reader.

  • Temperature sensor tag can be attached to a product or a package, and is always measuring the temperature where the product is. 

  • Hospital medicine management ensure good quality for the patients.

  • RFID Dual-frequency temperature sensor tag especially for medicine and food cold chain

RFID Dual-frequency Temperature Sensor TagRFID Dual-frequency Temperature Sensor TagRFID Dual-frequency Temperature Sensor Tag

Application for RFID Temperature Sensor Tag
  • Logistics supply chain,digital warehouse management,valuable products, under realtime and web based could operation system, each items is secure & traceability.

  • Temperature measuring inside of un-man store supermarket, Coldchain Transport container with offline temperature saving & trasmitting

  • Medical drugs, reagents, blood, vaccines, fresh food, seafood products, meat products, dairy products, food, fruits and vegetables, container cold chain transportation, fixed temperature control, etc.

  • In order to resistance dangerous chemical material, RFID Dual-frequency temperature sensor tag as a unique product identification is the first option, especially which is great helpful for the storage of drugs, medicine, foods, body healcare items, sea food, tobacco, drinks and etc.

  • Cold Chain Application

    coldchain temperature tagImportant equipment such as high-voltage switchgear, ring network cabinet, high-voltage cable connector, and knife-gate switch of power system may cause problems such as aging of equipment, surface oxidation, corrosion, and loosening of bolts in long-term operation. Coupled with long-term high-load operation of power equipment, it is easy to cause temperature anomalies. If it is not detected in time, it may cause safety accidents such as melting, burning and even explosion.



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