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Fixed asset management of government agencies

News posted on: 2021/2/24 16:23:56 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Fixed asset management of government agencies

Fixed asset management of government agencies

As an important part of government agencies, fixed assets are an important material basis for business and normal operations. In addition, the fixed assets of government agencies are public assets, and they need to be registered more clearly in the purchase, registration, and borrowing and repayment to ensure that the assets are traceable and accountable. With the development of the Internet of Things, intelligent fixed asset management software can effectively solve the problems of traditional barcode inventory and manual registration, such as inconvenience and cumbersome and complicated operations.

The fixed asset management software is more confidential for the fixed asset management of government agencies. Through server encryption and system key processing, it solves the worries of information leakage. In terms of product expansion, product functions can be added to the product framework according to user needs. The scalability of the software can effectively make up for the lack of fixed functions of the market standard version, and at the same time solve the high development cost caused by custom development. At present, fixed asset management software has been maturely used in many institutions. Specific cases include RFID fixed asset management of state-owned enterprises, RFID fixed asset management of government public rental housing, fixed asset management of the Public Security Bureau, and fixed asset management of troops.

Moreover, the fixed asset management software uses the Internet of Things RFID technology as the inventory method. Compared with the traditional manual inventory, the intelligent inventory method saves time and effort, especially at the end of the year, which can effectively shorten the inventory time and save manpower, usually 1 The monthly inventory work can be completed in basically a week, and the efficiency can be increased by more than 3 times; compared with bar code inventory, RFID can quickly inventory in batches, and you only need to hold the UHF handheld and paste the fixed assets during inventory. The inventory can be completed by walking and finding the labeled items, which is an advantage that the traditional barcode does not have. The barcode requires one-to-one scan code for inventory.


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