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Tianjin Sino-Singapore Friendship Library launches high-frequency RFID technology inventory robot

News posted on: 2020/7/1 14:12:05 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Tianjin Sino-Singapore Friendship Library launches high-frequency RFID technology inventory robot

Tianjin Sino-Singapore Friendship Library launches high-frequency RFID technology inventory robot

How to quickly find a book in the 600,000 book sea, and who will come to the night shift to count the books after closing the library? Sino-Singapore Friendship Library adds black technology, three intelligent applications of intelligent inventory robot, intelligent sorting and returning system and indoor positioning and navigation system "Work in groups" at the China-Singapore Friendship Library.

The Sino-Singapore Friendship Library has a total construction area of 67,000 square meters and many functional areas. The total number of books in the library is nearly 600,000. In order to facilitate readers to find books and quickly reach any desired area, the China-Singapore Friendship Library Organization has developed an indoor positioning and navigation system. When advanced geomagnetic indoor positioning technology, "encounter" 5G signals covering the whole hall, can achieve accurate positioning of indoor space, positioning accuracy can reach 1-2 meters. Readers only need to open the WeChat applet or library APP and enter the keywords such as the book title or author they want to find, and they can get clear intelligent route planning and precise navigation. When the reader reaches the range of the bookshelf corresponding to the book, the system will also pop up the relevant information of the book to help assist the search, and truly achieve "Book Mountain has Road".

"Tall and handsome" intelligent inventory robot is specially designed to solve the problem of book inventory verification. By organically combining RFID sensing, computer vision and intelligent robot technology, it can realize automated inventory of books. The China-Singapore Friendship Library is also the first domestic library to use high-frequency RFID technology to inventory robots. At present, there are 3 intelligent inventory robots in the library, which can automatically inventory the books in the library during the night when the library is closed. At the same time, the wrong rack report is generated and sent to the library staff to improve the accuracy of the book shelf. According to the statistics of the trial operation, on average, each inventory robot can inventory more than 20,000 books per hour, and it can inventory nearly 190,000 books in one night. These workloads require 15 librarians to be on duty at the same time and perform uninterrupted inventory all night to complete.

As one of the important application scenarios for the construction of an eco-city smart city, the library has introduced six categories, 34 robots, including welcome, service, sorting, handling, sales, and inventory, to provide readers with self-help consultation, voice retrieval, Navigation and find books and other comprehensive smart services.


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