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RFID Knowledges

RFID technology promotes smart campus towards intelligent management and control

News posted on: 2020/12/4 16:47:38 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology promotes smart campus towards intelligent management and control

RFID technology promotes smart campus towards intelligent management and control

The smart campus management system mainly includes two categories: "information sensing" and "intelligent management". Through the application of RFID (electronic tag), the system uses the electronic tag as the most advanced identification code at present, which has the characteristics of not easy to break, reliable data, long service cycle, and long effective communication distance. Install it on the controlled target, as the unique identification of the target for tracking and recording. Carry out access control management for key entrances and exits such as school gates and dormitory buildings, and record all the card-holding teachers, students and visitors passing through the school gates in real time; people without cards cannot pass.

RFID technology promotes smart campuses towards intelligent management and control. Set up an RFID reader at the door of the dormitory, and issue each student with an RFID tag combined with the student card worn by the student. The RFID electronic tag contains all the student information, and each RFID electronic tag has a unique ID , The RFID reader at the door can read the RFID electronic tags in the area from a long distance, read the data and upload it to the database.

RFID tag information writing: write the student's data information that you want to write to the vacant RFID radio frequency identification card; each student's tag card has a unique identification ID, and RFID browses the various stored in the radio frequency identification card. Data information, including the student's name, class, husband, home address, etc., can also be easily changed or (rewritten) data information in the RFID card.

RFID automatic long-distance recognition: The reader at the school gate can read the RFID tag in the student's student card when the student goes to school and after school. The reading interval is predictable at 20 meters, and the reading rate is It can reach 80 kilometers per hour, and it can identify 1,000 felt RFID tags per hour, eliminating the need for traditional manual supervision of students showing or swiping cards. This will inevitably show omissions and low effectiveness, and will also cause xue to feel bad. The application of various RFID identifications can quickly read the tags worn by students, and dozens of students can quickly and accurately identify them through the process at the same time, which improves the accuracy and effectiveness.

Useful and timely information communication: Through the SMS service platform, student information can be sent to parents via SMS. Parents can know when the student is leaving school and ensure a safe environment for the student on the road.

Based on the RFID campus monitoring system, each student wears an RFID electronic tag. When the student passes through the scanning area of the RFID reader device, the student's RFID electronic tag data is collected and transmitted to the background server through the network, and matched to the surrounding area through calculation The camera calls the surveillance video platform to obtain real-time video signals. The system uses RFID technology to integrate parents, students, monitoring, and smart terminals on the overall structure, and promotes campus management to become intelligent and informatized.


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