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RFID Reader

  • HF ISO14443A NFC pocket reader audio jack reader Customized RFID Reader
HF ISO14443A NFC pocket reader audio jack reader Customized RFID Reader

HF ISO14443A NFC pocket reader audio jack reader Customized RFID Reader

  • Vehicle Emissions Inspection, Vehicle Access management

  • Transportation payment system,Electronic Vehicle Registration

  • Truck tracking,vehicle parking,electronic toll collection ETC

  • Cars in and out control,transportation fuel gas petrol station

  • Access control,liquor & wine tracking,telecom communication

  • Confidential documents,service authrization,mobility payment

  • Intelligent tour appliances electronic label logistics

  • Verifying the authenticity Patrolling security system

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HF ISO14443A NFC pocket reader audio jack reader Customized RFID Reader

  • ISO14443A RFID NFC Mobile Phone Reader Portable Reader

  • HF RFID Smart Phone Pocket NFC Reader Manufacturer Portable Reader

  • Product model:IVF-RH06

  • IVF-RH06 is a portable mini third generation pocket reader elf, it can be connected with IOS, Android and other intelligent system platform by 3.5mm headphone jack, elf has the characteristics : easily plug and use, light, small size, low power consumption, built-in rechargeable battery, convenient to take, suitable for anti-tamper terminal interrogator usage, navigation equipment and other excursions.

  • Support HF label protocols(Mifare1K,Ultralight,NTAG213)only support KeyA function.

  • Support IOS, Android intelligent platforms.

  • Communication interface: 3.5mm audio interface ( common headphone jack)

  • Read distance: 22mm(depend on tag size)

  • Work time: continuous 7 hours, query over 3 000 times.

  • Material: ABS+PC engineer plastics

  • Size:39mm*30mm*11mm

  • Weight: :12g

  • Battery capacity: Lithium battery 130mA, can be recharged.

  • Charge method: USB 5V/0.5A,charge time is about 30 minutes.

  • Product Property: Optional of Tamper proof, Brittle antenna, Destructive aluminum etching, Fragile copper etching, Ink of silver Printing antenna based

  • Product Feature: Function of Non-transfer, Fragile,Tamper Evident, Anti-counterfeiting,non-transferable,break on antenna, break on chip,one time use, Disposable, Destructive IP Level, Waterproof, UV IR rays resistant, heat or temperature resistant and chemical resistant

nfc phone reader

Value Points

  • User-friendly operation with a pocket-sized enclosure

  • Support with Android and IOS

  • USB-Powered (PC-linked mode)

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface

  • no need to key-in barcode data manually

  • reduces input errors, speeds up operation

  • Enables users to accomplish their data collection tasks with more efficiency in a wide variety of applications such as retail in-store item-level tagging and enterprise asset management.

  • It is easy to carry with smart terminals such as mobile phones, and is very suitable for application management such as member management, traceability management, product anti-counterfeiting, and equipment asset management.



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