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RFID Reader

  • UH01 OTG Type-C Mini HF NFC Reader
  • UH01 OTG Type-C Mini HF NFC Reader
UH01 OTG Type-C Mini HF NFC Reader UH01 OTG Type-C Mini HF NFC Reader

UH01 OTG Type-C Mini HF NFC Reader

    • Through the network link to the cloud decoding server, the second-generation resident ID card information can be decoded;

    • No local decoding module is required, providing product price competitiveness;

    • While decoding the ID card, it supports the reading and writing functions of ordinary NFC and IC cards;

    • USB HID driver-free interface, as long as the device that can plug in a USB mouse can be used;

    • 13.56MHz, good compatibility, supports most card types on the market;

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UH01 OTG Type-C Mini HF NFC Reader

  • Item model number: UH01

  • Power consumption: Average current: 5V DC power supply / 30mA

  • Peak current: <110mA

  • Operating frequency: 13.56MHz                                    

  • Card reading distance: TypeA card: 5cm/ TypeB card: 2cm/ CPU card: 3cm

  • External interface: USB

  • Support card types: mifare one (M1), S50, S70, NTAG20x, NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216, Fudan F08 and other types of labels; at the same time, it can also support the identification of second-generation cards, city cards, and bank cards

  • Special applications: ID card cloud analysis, passport information reading

  • Size: 44.5mm*44.5mm*7.7mm

  • Working environment: Working temperature: -20~85 degrees Celsius

                                        Working humidity: relative humidity 5%~95% non-condensing

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Value Points

  • UH01 series contactless IC card reader/writer adopts 13.56MHz radio frequency signal and supports reading and writing of IC card (tag); the communication interface of the module is USB HID interface, supporting: Micro-USB, Lightning, Type-C interface, supporting Windos, Linus, Android, IOS systems are driver-free, and users only need to simply send USB HID commands to achieve data interaction with the card; in terms of card identification, the read-write module has excellent compatibility and supports the vast majority of the market. Some card types of ISO14443A&ISO14443B/etc. protocols support APDU command; it is suitable for all kinds of NFC identification embedded device applications.



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