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The AGV car with RFID technology contributes to the tobacco factories

News posted on: 2021/6/8 9:38:38 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The AGV car with RFID technology contributes to the tobacco factories

The AGV car with RFID technology contributes to the tobacco factories

Liangshan Tobacco Factory uses RFID AGV trolley to improve production efficiency

In the new redrying workshop of Huidong Redrying Plant, which is 340 meters long and 80 meters wide, it is not only its "large" that is eye-catching. In a corner of the workshop, there are neatly arranged several five-story steel frames in blue and red.

In the past, after tobacco leaves entered the redrying plant, the nicotine value and other indicators had to be proportioned by manual calculation, and then carried to the production line frame by frame through the method of shoulder and hand, which was labor intensive and easy to make mistakes. The elevated recipe library realizes an unmanned and informatized production method.

"Every box of tobacco leaves in the warehouse is marked with an RFID tag, and the nicotine value information in it is recorded in the computer." said Chen Xiaowen, deputy chief of the equipment section of the Huidong Redrying Plant. When production is needed, the computer will automatically calculate which frame of tobacco leaves are needed, and the fully automatic AGV trolley will identify and find the specified tobacco leaves according to the instructions of the computer, and then transport them to the production line after they are picked up by a robotic arm. "The whole process has realized unmanned stacking and unmanned pickup, and the efficiency has increased by more than 50%." Chen Xiaowen said.

RFID AGV trolley assists Baoji Cigarette Factory's logistics system

After the introduction of an automated logistics system combined with RFID AGV trolleys in Baoji Cigarette Factory, the fully automated warehousing and warehousing procedures of tobacco leaves, tobacco stems, tobacco auxiliary materials, and cigarette finished products have been realized, which greatly improves the efficiency of material warehousing and warehousing. Reduce the error rate and save labor costs.

In the process of in and out of the high-bay warehouse, RFID electronic tags are attached to the bottom of the pallet and the tobacco stem box, and the RFID is recognized by the UHF RFID reader at the sorting lane, the warehouse entrance, the warehouse exit and the box sealing machine. After labeling the information, the information is transmitted to the RFID system for storage, analysis, and processing, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid and transparent logistics control. When leaving the warehouse, the RFID warehouse control system drives the aisle stacker to take out the goods and send them to the outbound station through the conveyor. The RFID reader automatically scans the goods or RFID pallet tags for confirmation and completes the update of the cargo location information. After the error is correct, the AGV The trolley delivers the goods to the designated location.


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